Medical service providers soar by 10.7pc

MEDICAL service providers in Bahrain soared by 10.7 per cent last year, with the country’s heath regulator issuing 96 licences to new facilities.

Amongst these new licensees are three hospitals and 44 medical centres.

In total, 920 licences have been issued, of which 797 were renewals for existing licence-holders, and 27 will be scrutinised in 2023.

This was announced during the National Health Regulatory Authority’s (NHRA) Press conference releasing the regulator’s 2022 annual report, by its chief executive Dr Mariam Al Jalahma.

The accredited facilities include 85 clinics and 334 medical centres.

Geographically, the facilities and pharmacies are distributed as follows:

- Northern Governorate: Two hospitals, 28 medical centres, 23 dental centres and 64 independent pharmacies.

- Muharraq Governorate: One hospital, 28 medical centres, 16 dental centres and 59 independent pharmacies.

- Southern Governorate: Three hospitals, 44 medical centres, 19 dental centres and 78 independent pharmacies.

- Capital Governorate: 15 hospitals, 126 medical centres, 50 dental centres and 127 independent pharmacies.

In total, there are 328 public independent pharmacies and an additional 83 located within hospitals, making for 411 pharmacies, of which 38 are newly licensed.

There are also 28 private pharmaceutical warehouses, up by six from last year.

Dr Al Jalahma noted that the authority’s accreditation and quality group achieved its key performance indicators through “the accreditation of 23 hospitals, of which three are newly qualified hospitals, and 70 medical centres, including 44 newly qualified centres.”

“By the end of 2022, all qualified hospitals were accredited, including Salmaniya Medical Complex, Ebrahim K Kanoo Centre and Hereditary Blood Diseases Centre.”




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