Manama Declaration of IPU to be announced today

The Manama Declaration of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) 146th Assembly is set to be announced today as the gathering concludes in Bahrain.

The assembly has been in meetings since Saturday on varying issues of global interest.

Amongst the topics to be tackled in the declaration are the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, respect of human rights and international law, democracy and supporting women, young people, the handicapped and minorities.

IPU secretary general Martin Chungong said it is not just empty words that parliamentarians had to agree on ... there had to be significant progress too.

“We identify all issues unifying the global community and survival of mankind and there has to be real progress that we intend to measure or witness before we next meet,” he added.

“As for the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, our official position is that Russia violated international law and occupied a sovereign territory and that is something we can’t ignore.

“There is a task force mediating talks in Manama between both parliamentary delegations and its members will report on solutions as we seek a positive improvement at the highest level.”

He added that there are global issues on concern that could be resolved through sharing plans and ideas within the IPU.

“Amongst the issues are fundamental human rights and respecting international law, supporting women, young people, the handicapped and marginalised minorities and integrating them within the general community,” said Mr Chungong.

“There were tense debates, but that is not worrying – people need to express themselves to achieve the best outcomes.”

Angola’s National Assembly Speaker Carolina Cerqueira said dialogue between parliaments must carry on after the lights are switched off in Sakhir.

“We have seen positive outcomes stem from our meetings and we will continue on from Bahrain,” she said. “We care about constructive progress.”

The next assembly is set for Angola in October.





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