Manama ‘cheapest for schooling’

MANAMA is the cheapest city in the Middle East for international schooling, according to a new report.

Data compiled by the Prague-based International Schools Database, a research group that compares schools in cities across the world, found that parents in Bahrain cough up fewer dinars compared to their counterparts in regional countries.

The 2021 research analysed the prices of private schools in eight cities in seven Middle East countries.

“Manama is the cheapest city in the Middle East for international schooling, with a median price of under $7,000 per year,” stated the report.

This means half of the schools in the country are affordable which is way higher than other nations.

Manama is followed by Riyadh where the median price is more than $7,000 yearly, and Kuwait in the third spot (more than $8,500).

Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman are the most expensive cities in the Middle East for international education, with ballpark prices ranging from $6,000 to almost $15,000 per year.

However, the other UAE city included in the research – Abu Dhabi – is in fourth place out of eight cities.

Doha, the second most expensive city, has a median of just over $10,000.

Istanbul has the biggest range of international school prices, with a minimum of around $25,000 and a maximum that exceeds $35,000 per year.

Price differences between Middle Eastern cities are small, with most cities in the Middle East having very similar median yearly prices of roughly $8,000 to $9,000, according to the findings.




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