Major projects to tackle climate change underway

PROJECTS worth more than half a million dinars are currently underway in the Gulf countries to tackle climate change challenges, according to an official.

The environment sectors in all the GCC nations are continuously active and there is a shared approach to topics and goals, said Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) chief executive Dr Mohamed Mubarak Bin Daina.

He was speaking at a conference on ‘Politics of Climate Change’, organised in co-operation with the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel.

“Currently, five projects are underway in the Gulf in co-operation with the UN Environment Programme at a budget of five million Saudi riyals (BD502,565),” said Dr Bin Daina.

“These projects include purifying the air and polluted water, among other issues.”

He said Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have the most partnerships aimed at tackling CO2 emissions, and Bahrain is trying to benefit from these initiatives, especially in the petroleum sector.

Shura Council member Dr Mohammed Ali Hassan highlighted Parliament’s role in issuing relevant legislation, adding that Bahrain had several laws concerning the protection of the environment.

AGU professor Dr Mohammed Obaido said climate change would benefit some countries, while harming others.

“Countries near the North Pole have benefited, especially with a trading path being opened through the Bering River in Siberia.

“However, while some countries have seen an increase in land area for farming, other nations will see some areas being submerged due to a rise in sea levels.

The GDN had in November last year quoted an expert as saying that rising sea levels could see 11 per cent or more of Bahrain under water in a few decades times as some examples of climate change effects.



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