Major ‘Made in Bahrain’ push

MANAMA: A new initiative to promote Bahraini products in the regional and international markets was launched last night.

The “Made in Bahrain” initiative, under the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (Baca), aims to reconstruct the visual and functional identity of handicraft products and traditional industries to reflect Bahrain’s cultural identity – and promote them globally.

Baca yesterday announced that the first batch of “Made in Bahrain” products will be released soon.

It came as Bahrain joined other nations in marking World Tourism Day yesterday.

The launch featured a concert by Macau Orchestra at Bahrain National Theatre – which was broadcast on YouTube.

“We are committed to culture as a means to enhance Bahrain’s civilisational identity and create promising developmental opportunities,” said Baca president Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa in a statement last night.

She highlighted Bahrain’s traditional crafts, archaeological sites and historical architectural features.

“Our role is to invest in these elements to portray the most beautiful picture of Bahrain and to elevate our sustainable products, one of our cultural assets, to be shared with the rest of the world,” she said.

This year’s World Tourism Day has come along with a global health crisis that has greatly affected all cultural and economic sectors in various countries.

“The activation of such programmes and projects in support of handicrafts and traditional industries will empower local communities and enhance a sense of belonging and pride, in addition to opening new doors of creativity and innovation,” she said.

The initiative also aims to encourage artisans working in these crafts to continue their practices so that they are passed onto future generations.

Bahrain is distinguished by many traditional crafts practised by men and women alike, such as ship-making, weaving, pottery, palm leaves, kurar, traditional costumes, engraving on gypsum, nakda and more.

The GDN reported in July that a parliamentary committee has approved a new legislation to safeguard and revive Bahrain’s dying traditional professions.

The National Traditional Handicrafts Protection Law aims to provide Bahraini products with an international certification. It also hopes to tax 20 per cent of the value of imported products that compete with local handicrafts.




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