LMRA launches new Labour Registration Program

Manama, Dec. 3(BNA): The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) today launched the Labour Registration Program, which will start on 04 December 2022.


The new programme will correct workers’ legal status following the LMRA's previously announced set of new labour market reforms that have replaced Flexi Permits.


The LMRA affirmed that the programme is being launched in cooperation with the private sector and will streamline the process of registering for an occupation. The new measures will link work permits to vocational and occupational standards to increase safety and protections in places of work.


The Authority stated that workers residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain, or Flexi Permits holders, will be eligible for registration. Those with criminal offenses and those who are in violation of the terms stipulated in their current permit will not be allowed to register. Holders of visitor visas are also not eligible.


The LMRA called on all workers wishing to register in the programme to visit the Authority's website: www.lmra.bh and use the “Eligibility to Apply Through Registration” service to verify their eligibility to register.


Applicants must register directly through accredited registration centres that will be announced by the Authority. Applicants may also text from their personal number to 33150150, or contact the call centre on 17103103, for more information about their status.


The Authority explained that the accredited centres will register and follow up on workers wishing to obtain a permit, and will also work to include and update the data of workers in the Authority’s system. Additionally the Authority will verify the availability of relevant required qualifications or certifications, while ensuring grievances services are made available for said workers.


The LMRA added that registered workers will be able to work in specialized occupations after obtaining a license. Registered workers will be given a work permit card with a QR Code that includes the worker’s updated data, including: the type of permit, the occupation the worker is authorized to practice, the validity of the permit, health insurance details, and the name of the registration centre. Registered workers will need to pay the set fees at approved payment centres to process the registration.



Source: https://www.bna.bh/en/LMRAlaunchesnewLabourRegistrationProgram.aspx?cms=q8FmFJgiscL2fwIzON1%2bDk14R7rp6HWN0EP3Rdcnows%3d


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