Launch of Retail Business School in Riyadh

The school, located at Al Khaimah Mall in Riyadh — home to Saudi Arabia’s first Carrefour store — provides the opportunity to learn modern retail through dedicated bespoke learning programs by leveraging almost 30 years of experience in operating Carrefour regionally.

The school will offer 12 training programs, including five for Saudi nationals, creating pathways to the positions of team leader, department head and even store manager. The school offers six training rooms and a collaboration room with free-form seating, styled to encourage open discussion and team building.

The contemporary purpose-built facility follows Majid Al Futtaim’s latest design principles focused on energy and sustainability, in line with the company’s ambition to become Net Positive in carbon and water by 2040.

The courses will employ the latest technologies, including multimedia, digital library, and paperless classrooms, to deliver an omnichannel approach, ensuring that graduates are ready for a rapidly changing digitally-enabled retail landscape.


What are the targets set by the company for the Retail Business School?

In 2023, we plan to complete 70,000 training hours with a focus on skilling, upskilling, leadership development, and customer service.

Another company target is to upskill over 2,000 colleagues annually and recruit over 500 more nationals by 2024.

What are the proven successes witnessed after the launch of the Retail Business School in the UAE? Why was Saudi Arabia chosen as the second location?

The Retail Business School concept was launched in the UAE in 2019, with the aim to support 2,500 employees, enabling them to benefit from professional development opportunities.

Extending our programs to various countries within the region has always been a key objective of ours. Right now, this is a time of unprecedented change in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is accelerating the transformation of the country, economically and socially, bringing new investment and new opportunities.

By launching the Retail Business School in the Kingdom, we strongly believe that we are fulfilling our duty to contribute significant value and drive meaningful initiatives within the company, country and community.

How will this impact the retail industry in Saudi Arabia?

The launch of the Retail Business School in Saudi aims to provide the industry with enhanced professional development that will lead to improved service quality and customer satisfaction in Carrefour stores across Saudi Arabia.

The Retail Business School also aims to create the next generation of innovative industry leaders, nurturing individuals with fresh ideas and forward-thinking approaches. These future leaders will be equipped with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the evolving retail landscape, drive innovation, and adapt to changing consumer behaviors, ultimately contributing to the growth and competitiveness of the retail sector in Saudi Arabia.

With its collaborative nature, the school will also serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, promoting the exchange of best practices within the retail industry. By bringing together industry professionals, experts, and Carrefour employees, it will facilitate collaboration and the dissemination of valuable insights and strategies.

Overall, the new Retail Business School by Majid Al Futtaim has the potential to contribute to the development of a skilled retail workforce, the emergence of innovative leaders, and the elevation of industry standards in Saudi Arabia's retail business landscape.

Through this proven, cutting-edge facility, Majid Al Futtaim will develop the national talent that will drive the retail economy in the country now and in the future.

Is Majid Al Futtaim planning to launch the Retail Business School in another location within the region?

A third school is under development and due to open in Cairo, Egypt later this year. Egypt is another key location for us, with an undeniable talent pool and a rapidly growing, competitive retail market with limitless potential.




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