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KPMG published 'Introduction of Corporate Income Tax in Bahrain'

Voices on 2030: The future of tax, that showcases the views of multinational tax leaders, tax authorities and policy makers on what 2030 may look like in the tax world, considering the technological, social, regulatory, and other forces at play. Their views present a holistic vision of the journey that tax generally will go through over the next 7 years, helping to answer questions such as:
•      How will the pandemic affect taxation systems in the long term?
•      Will citizens’ perspective on tax change?
•      What new taxes will emerge?
•      How can tax policy help set the path for net zero? And how can it foster innovation?

Each “Voice” featured in the publication was asked to place themselves in 2030, and describe the taxation landscape, its impact, and how we got there. They explored themes including: the 2030 citizen, globalization and geopolitics, data and transparency, promoting innovation, and building a sustainable world.

Download publication here.

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