KPMG, Oracle to help drive Saudi Arabia's digital transformation

KPMG has signed an agreement with software giant Oracle to support the growth of the kingdom’s digital economy.

The two companies said the new initiative was designed to accelerate the adoption of cloud-based emerging technologies in Saudi Arabia to and accelerate digital transformation in line with the kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Saudi organisations exploring the impact of cloud-led digital transformation across their businesses can now benefit from the joint capabilities of KPMG’s Insights Centre and Oracle Innovation Hub in Riyadh, a press release said. 

Dr Abdullah Al Fozan, Chairman, KPMG Professional Services, said: “The pandemic has accelerated efforts of digital transformation, in a space that was already evolving at a high pace. This is the right time to invest more in the digital ecosystem and forge relationships to be stronger and more efficient together.

This partnership will encourage innovation and attract more international investment into Saudi Arabia, thus be a catalyst for job creation. We are excited to offer the joint capabilities of KPMG Insights Centre and Oracle Innovation Hub to our customers.”

The collaboration will offer organisations in Saudi Arabia access to KPMG’s expertise in helping companies kickstart innovation using service design and latest cloud led technologies from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning.

“There are several trends pushing business—across all industries—toward the cloud technology in Saudi Arabia and around the world. For most organizations, the current way of doing business might not deliver the agility to grow or provide the platform or flexibility to compete,” said Fahad Al Turief, Vice President and Country Leader, Oracle Saudi Arabia.

Turief said the collaboration would support the digital transformation efforts of Saudi organisations.

Under Saudi’s Vision 2030 a Digital Transformation Unit aims to realise the highest digital development through sustainable economic development, enhancing innovation and values through investing in young talent.

In the new partnership, KPMG and Oracle Saudi Arabia executives will also organise joint seminars, virtual events and sessions with global experts to highlight best practices, discuss case studies and offer guidance on digital transformation initiatives.

KPMG’s recent report, CEO Outlook, which surveyed executives showed that digital transformation has become a pressing necessity post-COVID-19 rather than a long-term aspiration, as it will help countries and businesses alleviate the impact of economic crisis, the company said. 




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