Jobs in UAE: Entry level roles set to be wiped out by AI, automation and ChatGPT

With millions of jobs already at stake worldwide as companies increasingly embrace automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the technology and recruitment specialists in the UAE say that almost all entry-level jobs will be taken over by the new-age technology.

With the advent of ChatGPT and other similar apps, analysts see the process of AI taking over certain roles is expediting. According to Goldman Sachs’ latest report, around 300 million full-time jobs could be converted into automation by AI globally. For example, ChatGPT surpassed 1 million users in just five days, the fastest that any company has ever reached this benchmark.

According to a recently-released survey, more than half – 55 per cent – of UAE employees fear losing their jobs to AI and robots over the next decade. Based on a survey of 1,000 UAE residents, the YouGov and duke+mir survey revealed that people aged below 25 are more concerned about AI and bots taking over their jobs.

Hence, employees in the UAE, where companies are embracing AI at a break-neck pace, are left with no option but to upskill and upgrade themselves to stay relevant in the job market.

According to Shalini Verma, CEO, Pivot Technologies, automation is already underway for manual repetitive tasks like data entry and software has been progressively taking over many tasks.

“AI in its generative version will completely transform certain jobs, taking over almost all entry-level jobs. Anyone entering the job market will start at a much higher level than is expected of interns and junior executives today. This human-machine swap won’t just stop here. If you are not exceptional, you are at grave risk of being replaced by a bot. If you are an expert, then you are likely to be doing your work very differently, as core tasks will be taken over by AI in every job role,” said Verma.

Nicki Wilson, managing director of Genie Recruitment, advised employees to keep themselves up-to-date with trends when it comes to advancements in technology.

“We live in a digital age where technology is moving very fast, so it is always worth making sure you know how to utilise the new technologies so that you aren’t left in the dark! Sometimes, the best way to learn is to utilise the younger members of your team to show you what are the latest tools. I find that I learn a lot from my interns who are usually really up to date with what is going on,” said Wilson.




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