Information Ministry, 'Bahrainouna' launch 'Bahraini Camera' initiative

Manama, Oct. 7 (BNA): The Executive Office of the National Plan to promote the Spirit of Belonging to the Nation and Reinforce the Values of patriotism “Bahrainouna” today launched the “Bahraini Camera” initiative, implemented by the Ministry of Information at the third Bahrain Film Festival, themed ‘Celebrating the Art of Film-making’, held at the Seef Mall.


On the occasion, Dr. Ramzan bin Abdulla Al Noaimi, Information Minister, expressed thanks and appreciation to General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Interior Minister, Chairman of Bahrainouna Implementation Follow-up Committee, for his constant support for the implementation of the Plan’s initiatives, commending the efforts of the Executive Office to achieve the goals of the Plan, aimed at promoting authentic Bahraini values.


Dr. Al Noaimi indicated that the “Bahraini Camera” initiative, in which 18 Bahraini directors, 10 Bahraini writers and more than 100 Bahraini artists and creative people participate, is the first of its kind in the Arab world, noting that it aims to create a different cinematic experience to achieve Bahrainouna’s goals.


This can be achieved by deepening the role of culture among society members, he said, noting that this initiative is in line with the government’s directives to empower youth, put them at the forefront of priorities, develop their creative abilities, hone their skills, involve them in the decision-making process, and pave the way for them to excel in the creativity and innovation sector, as well as cement their national belonging.


Dr. Ramzan Al Noaimi added that this year’s Bahrain Film Festival reflects the role of the Ministry of Information in promoting the film industry, supporting its fields, and ensuring the development of national talent, as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to support the film industry to enhance local production. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to all those in charge of the “Bahraini Camera” initiative, and wished the participants every success.


Brigadier Mohammed bin Daina, who is in charge of Bahrainouna Executive Office, asserted that the “Bahraini Camera” initiative embodies pride in the royal vision on which the National Plan is based, adding that the Interior Minister’s support has contributed to launching the initiative.


He affirmed that Bahrain is proud of its civilisational elements and youth competencies across various creativity fields, whether they are directors, writers or technicians.  


He pointed out that Bahrain is the “Land of Success” in various fields, including cinematic and television productions, expressing thanks and appreciation to the Information Ministry for its constructive partnership in implementing the “Bahraini Camera” initiative, and wishing the participants success.


The event featured the honouring of authors and directors for the efforts they had exerted in preparing the participating films, in addition to the screening of a mini film on the “Bahraini Camera” initiative.


18 short films highlighting authentic Bahraini values were also screened.




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