Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry clarifies food price hike

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism said that it is closely monitoring the availability of products in the central markets to ensure that there are multiple options for basic food products, such as fruits and vegetables, at the usual prices.

“The markets are visited, the prices of the products are reviewed and any indications that affect the flow of products in the local markets are reported”, it said.

It affirmed that the tomato hike is due to the high price in the country of origin, which is due to fluctuations in weather conditions and the frost wave experienced by the main exporting countries of some products, which affected production and exports.

It announced that big shipments of tomatoes will arrive in Bahrain within the next few days, which will lead to a decrease in prices.

The Ministry urged consumers to restrict their  purchasing of products to their actual needs and avoid any rushing or storage, which may prevent prices from dropping to their normal level.




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