ila Bank raises Al Kanz prizes to $2,250,000

ila Bank – a digital, mobile-only bank powered by Bank ABC – has announced five additional monthly cash prizes to its 2023 Al Kanz prize calendar, taking this year’s total to $2,250,000.

Customers stand a chance to win additional $50,000 during each of the months of May, July, August, October and November 2023.

As per the previously announced Al Kanz prize edition for 2023, ila customers stood to win $250,000 for the months of March and September; $500,000 for the month of June; and $1 million for the month of December.

The eligibility criteria to get lucky with these monthly draws remains the same as for the other prizes – each BD50 deposited in the Al Kanz account is counted as one chance to win, if deposited before the last date to deposit and maintained through the specified retention period.


Winning the ‘additional’ prize does not affect a customer’s chance to win a bigger prize in the subsequent draws.

Nada Tarada, head of business and customer at ila Bank, said, “The superior banking services that ila Bank offers has its foundations in giving its users what they want, when they need it, in a way they want it. We are truly delighted to announce additional Al Kanz prizes this year, and this decision too, like all others, is based on customer feedback.

“We are pleased that this initiative from our side will create more Al Kanz winners and contribute to fulfilling their needs. After all, taking customers to their financial goals and aspirations is our core priority at ila Bank.”

The updated prize schedule, including deposit cut-off and draw dates, is available on the ila Bank website,




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