'Hero' Robots Helping Medical Staff Fight Coronavirus Pandemic Across The World

Robots have become a safer option for countries around the world as they are contagion-proof and at the same time allow medical staff to communicate freely with patients without coming into close contact with them. China deployed an entire lot of robots to its makeshift hospital in Wuhan city to help prevent doctors from contracting the virus. China reportedly used robots manufactured by a company name CloudMinds, which provided them 'Cloud Ginger' robots. The robots were used for delivering food and medicines to coronavirus positive patients, check temperatures. Cloud Ginger also provided its services in California, United States. 

In countries like Thailand and Israel, people are regularly being asked to meet with robots for consultations as they help patients communicate with doctors via video conferencing and get advice on any matter without coming in close contact with them. The smart clinic is how most places describe it where robots communicate with patients and medical staff operate them from a safe distance to block contraction. As per reports, a Singapore hospital is using robots named BeamPro to deliver medicines and food to COVID-19 positive patients. Media reports suggest that over the past few months demands for robots have skyrocketed with health care facilities from across the globe are ordering them in large numbers. US firm Xenex has reportedly received orders for its LightStrike robots from over 500 facilities. 

The deadly coronavirus infection has claimed nearly 88,500 lives across the world and has infected over 15,19,000 people globally since it first broke out in December 2019. China was the most affected country until last month before Italy and Spain surpassed it to record the most number of deaths anywhere in the world due to COVID-19. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Iran have also overtaken China in terms of the COVID-19 death toll. The virus is believed to have originated from a seafood market in China's Wuhan city, the epicentre of the disease, where animals were reportedly being traded illegally.


Source: https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/rest-of-the-world-news/robots-helping-medical-staff-fight-coronavirus-pandemic.html


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