Health Ministry’s Covid portal records 9m views

THE Health Ministry’s web pages dedicated to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have been viewed nearly nine million times – at the rate of 120,000 views per day – since the first positive case was announced on February 24.

This reflected a surge in interaction which coincided with various initiatives launched under a national campaign to combat the spread of the virus, said the ministry yesterday.

The information and planning department at the ministry said a large package of various media events was launched, including the enhancement of electronic services on the ministry’s website to keep pace with global developments in the field of informatics, in order to preserve the health of citizens and residents in the kingdom.

“More than half a million views were recorded on the contact tracing page while around 250,000 views were registered on the page showcasing the Covid-19 test results,” said a statement.

“These initiatives come within the framework of strengthening the precautionary efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and harnessing the capabilities and information technologies to facilitate access to health services such as remote consultations and home delivery services to ensure health, safety and comfort of patients.

“Since the launch of the medicine home delivery service at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), a total of 8,200 requests for medication delivery were received in one month while 1,200 requests were submitted in just one week for prescriptions from health centres to be delivered to patients’ homes.”

The SMC has, meanwhile, urged patients to benefit from the home medicine delivery service, adding that people wishing to obtain their medications must enter the required patient data through a specific link provided for this service on the ministry’s website.

The medicines will be delivered to the patient according to the date specified in the service by the receiver.

Upon receiving the electronic request, the pharmacy staff at SMC will collect the medicines depending on the prescription registered under i-Seha, the national health information system, and then dispatch them to the patient.

The health centres also called upon patients to benefit from the electronic service for the delivery of medications for chronic diseases to home, to ensure the health, safety and comfort of patients.

Meanwhile, work, safety and psychological health during the Covid-19 were the focus of a virtual conference.

Health, fitness and psychological experts shared their views on how to keep in shape and the connection between mental health and physical health.

The conference, ‘Be Strong and Be Coherent’, was held by Alwani Al Bahrain Society where the challenges of social distancing, striking a balance between precautionary and preventive measures as well as maintaining productivity levels were also discussed.

“This conference comes within our efforts to support national initiatives to combat Covid-19,” said society chairman Ammar Awachi.

“It is also our sincere desire to contribute actively in writing the Bahraini success story that has turned into a regional and international model to be emulated.”




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