Half wages of Bahrainis in private sector paid

HALF the salaries for 60,416 Bahrainis in 1,120 companies and establishments in the private sector that were most impacted by Covid-19 have been paid.

According to the Labour and Social Development Ministry, the procedures had been completed to permit the institutions to begin distributing the wages from yesterday.

Half the salaries of insured Bahraini workers in the most affected sectors in Bahrain will be covered for July, August and September with money from the unemploymen tinsurance fund.

This is being done by the ministry in collaboration with the Social Insurance Organisation, according to Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan.

He said in a statement yesterday that establishments who benefited from the second stage of support are the most affected ones by the pandemic to the point that work in them has been totally or partially stopped, which affected their ability to pay the wages of its workers.

“This support is aimed at enhancing the stability of jobs in the private sector, and encourage employers to retain national cadres,” he said.

“It will help companies and institutions overcome the effects of the difficult situations they face due to the current conditions.

“The establishment must commit to maintaining its Bahraini employment during the year, in addition to its commitment to pay the remaining portion of the salaries of the Bahrainis working for it, in full, without deduction, and on dates set for the payment of salaries.”

The minister also pointed out that sectors most impacted were identified according to specific criteria and after extensive study which are:

* Local newspapers and magazines;

* Travel and aviation;

* Hospitality and catering;

* Personal services sector (salons, gyms, sports and entertainment halls);

* Industries;

* Health;

* Transportation;

* Qualifications and training (including kindergartens);

* Retail sector (other than food);

* Administrative services (public relations, media, and events organisation);

* Real estate sector, engineering, technical and contracting offices.

As well as any other sectors affected except for the financial sector, telecommunications, scientific, professional and technology activities, plus private universities and schools.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/838730/Half-wages-of-Bahrainis-in-private-sector-paid


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