Guidelines announced to ensure safety during Ramadan

Manama: Guidelines to ensure safety during Ramadan were announced yesterday by the Crown Prince.

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, highlighted the measures as he chaired a meeting of the Government Executive Committee, held remotely.

The Crown Prince asserted that safeguarding the health of citizens and residents remains the kingdom’s top priority. “The success of Team Bahrain’s efforts to contain and eradicate Covid-19 relies on the whole community adhering to public health guidelines,” he said.

The Crown Prince noted the importance of Ramadan, adding that additional precautionary guidelines will be issued to preserve the health and safety of all during the holy month.

The preventive measures are:

  • Iftar (breaking fast) will be limited to small family gatherings
  • Refraining from organising and/or attending majlises and ghabgas
  • Refraining from hosting public Iftar banquets, gargaoun and weda’ gatherings
  • Avoiding public distribution of Iftar packages
  • Zakat Al Fitr kiosks will be replaced with electronic platforms and applications for collection and distribution of Zakat Al Fitr

However, the following enterprises will continue to operate as normal:

  • Hypermarkets, supermarkets, cold stores, butchers, as well as stores that sell vegetables, fish or meat;
  • All forms of bakeries;
  • Petrol/gas stations;
  • Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and opticians;
  • Banks and money exchanges
  • Factories and manufacturing enterprises;
  • Administrative offices of enterprises whose activities do not involve direct interaction with customers;
  • Enterprises that export, import or distribute goods;
  • Automotive workshops and garages, and shops that sell spare parts;
  • Enterprises in the construction and maintenance sector.

Effective from 7pm tomorrow until May 7, the following decisions will be implemented:

  • Movie theatres, commercial sports gymnasiums, fitness studios, swimming pools and centres for recreational activities will remain closed.
  • Sheesha cafes, and services offered by these cafes, are limited to takeout and delivery of food only.
  • Salons will remain closed
  • Restaurants, tourist facilities and locations serving food will remain limited to external orders and delivery services.
  • All non-essential medical services provided by private health clinics remain suspended.
  • The first hour of grocery store openings remains dedicated to the elderly and pregnant women.
  • Public gatherings are to remain limited to five individuals or fewer. Individuals are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, and only leave home when necessary.
  • Face masks are to be worn by all citizens and residents when in public.
  • Commercial and industrial enterprises providing goods or services directly to customers are to be limited to online sales and deliveries.
  • Telecom service centres will provide services under necessary circumstances, while abiding by social distancing measures.




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