Green initiative targets women

A campaigning society has launched a community initiative to encourage more women in Bahrain to join in the fight against climate change and to become more proactive when it comes to environmental issues.

The Active Leaders for Women Advancement in the Near East – Alwane Bahrain Society – aims to boost green awareness and urge mothers to bring their families on board.

“Through our work in the society to encourage women’s economic independence, we are working to boost their awareness not only of the economic returns gained from protecting the environment but also of environmental projects that can be launched, such as clean energy projects, waste recycling and others,” said Ammar Awachi, the society’s chairman.

As part of the campaign, the society is set to organise three awareness workshops in co-operation with environmental specialists, plus a two-day exhibition and a social media campaign that includes the production of two videos, in addition to distributing leaflets in public places and commercial complexes.

The campaign will also include a clean-up campaign for several coasts in the kingdom.

Organisers believe reaching out to women could have a huge environmental impact as many are considered primarily responsible for purchasing home supplies, as well as disposing of household waste, in addition to energy and water consumption, and the cultivation of environmental awareness in their children.

The campaign is determined to keep pace with the efforts being made by the Supreme Council for the Environment, as well as the related issues of climate change, sustainability, bio-agricultural diversity and increasing green spaces.

Mr Awachi, who is also an economist, referred to the economic dimension of the campaign which aims to encourage women to make environmentally-friendly choices when it comes to home purchases.

Alwane is a Bahraini forum of coalition of leaders, committed to the advancement of women’s leadership by using innovative technologies and engaging young, new voices.

The society has been established by Women Campaign International (WCI), it is a non-profit association that enables like-minded individuals to come together to share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all through a network of learning, knowledge and professional development.

It also supports women to become economically-independent by engaging with a team of Bahrainis that representing public and private sector expertise, entrepreneurs, employees and students.




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