Global summit to discuss 6G development

Top-level industry and policy representatives from around the world are set to gather in Bahrain next month at the Global 6G Summit for high-level discussions on 6G – the sixth generation mobile system standard currently under development.

Organised by UK-based event organiser Forum Global with the support of the kingdom’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the hybrid event will take place on May 3 and 4 at the Royal Saray Resort in Seef District.

The upcoming edition of the summit will introduce an in-person element for the first time, a year after it was launched as a virtual event.

Panel discussions and keynote speeches will involve experts from Bahrain, the UAE, Jordan, Thailand, China, Europe, UK, Canada, and other countries on a wide range of 6G subjects, including research and development, cybersecurity, new business models, and sustainability.

Commenting on the event, TRA general director Philip Marnick said: “The advancement of 6G technology is projected to usher in a new era of communications that will have a profound impact on industries, from healthcare and transportation to education and entertainment. It will also enable consumers to have a fully immersive on-line experience. The Global 6G Summit is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to share their knowledge and insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on the development of this ground-breaking technology. Bahrain’s hosting of this international event highlights its leadership in communications and commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.”

Early visions and research on future 6G technologies and requirements will be discussed, along with the key drivers, applications and use cases that are emerging. With sustainability expected to be at the heart of 6G, there is the potential over the next few years to build an ecosystem that helps to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, the organisers said.




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