Fresh proposal for green roofs

BAHRAIN’S shopping centres, complexes and malls could be obliged to have gardens on their rooftop.

Parliament’s public utilities and environment affairs committee chairman Mohammed Buhamood said the proposal was part of efforts to provide mall visitors with a “green” experience.

He said the “health walk” in some malls was a good initiative but it nevertheless remained in concrete jungles, while the rooftop gardens would provide greenery and fresh air.

The proposal, which has been recommended by the committee, will be debated by MPs next month as their final term of the four-year tenure commences.

“Several countries like Singapore now make it mandatory for shopping centres, complexes and malls to have glasshouse rooftop gardens in which people can exercise or eat, rather than in the food court,” said Mr Buhamood.

“Some people may say that having an actual green park in residential areas is much better and could include more family recreational services and facilities.

“The government has limited municipal spaces and budgets and can’t afford such projects now.

“That is why they partnered with malls to have the footpaths in the first place as people had to drive or move somewhere far away from homes as they were unable to walk in the heat or under the sun.”

The parliamentarian said now was the time to take the healthy malls initiative a step further and have rooftop gardens.

“The proposal would have forced malls to turn the whole rooftop into glassed gardens, but we believe the percentage should be a technicality that should be left to municipal officials,” said Mr Buhamood.

“The new green drive experience would protect the environment, enhance healthier practices and make malls unique with hydroponic gardening being a clear-cut top option.

“It also allows for renewable energy initiatives such as solar and wind panels, water conservation and environment-friendly electrical appliances and wirings.”

Capital Trustees Board chairman Saleh Tarradah welcomed the drive, saying it should be left to the malls to choose this option.

“We could take up the proposal with Seef Mall as one of the leading shopping destinations in the Capital Governorate.

“The rooftop suggestion is a nice concept, but we should be open to other ideas such as special green corners or green walk paths within the malls’ facilities.

“Before making it an obligation, we should first test it, or give shopping centres, complexes and malls the chance to incorporate the idea within a deadline.

“It would be a welcome scene to see shops within commercial districts too contributing towards the drive.




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