French textbooks includes Bahraini poetry

Manama, Oct. 27 (BNA): the French University of Rennes has added the poetry of Bahraini poet Ali Abdullah Khalifa to its curricula thanks to the efforts of a group of professors of modern literary criticism at the university.


Dr. Shukri Maimouni, a member of the National Council of Universities at the Ministry of Education, translated into French a book by Dr. Abdul Sattar Jami, professor of modern literature at the French University of Rennes, in which he collected research and studies from twelve researchers from different Arab and foreign countries. The book, "Structures and Visions : Readings from the Poetry of Ali Abdullah Khalifa", was printed by (L'Harmattan) in Paris.


The book was translated by Dr. Meri Asel, Professor of Curriculum Design in English at Henry Ford College and was printed by iUniverse in Michigan.


The Abdulrahman Kanoo Cultural Center recently organized a major event of writers and translators, where the poet Ali Abdullah Khalifa read a selection of his poems to a large audience from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.


The guests took turns talking about the experience and their interaction with the poet's texts, and received copies of the book.




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