French business helping entrepreneurs find new opportunities

An association based in France called "Second Souffle" is on a mission to support all entrepreneurs in difficulty, offering them mentors to guide them back on track.

Philippe Le Meur is the General Secretary of the association. Business Planet spoke to him to find out more about it.

"Second Souffle is an association whose mission is to support all entrepreneurs attempting to bounce back or that are in difficulty, whether they have a company or not. There is no criteria or time limit to this. Each entrepreneur in difficulty has a mentor to guide them during this process to bounce back, following our 1-2-3 method: welcome, support and bounce back,” he said.

Second Souffle services

"The services offered by Second Souffle to support entrepreneurs in difficulty are first of all to welcome, listen and understand the personal and professional difficulties that each entrepreneur is encountering. The idea and the aim is to enable the entrepreneur in difficulty to be able to create a new entrepreneurial project or job," Philippe Le Meur told Euronews.

Complementing and coordinating support with the "Portail du Rebond" network

He also talked about how this works as part of the network.

"Each association within the "Portail du Rebond" has its own specialisms: depending on the requirements of the entrepreneur facing difficulty, they will be redirected to the association that best responds to their initial request: notably, psychological support, help with some of the difficulties encountered by the entrepreneur and the chance to bounce back in business or find employment.”

As many businesses in France are struggling as a result of the health pandemic, he also talked about how Second Souffle is adapting its support to help.

"The current health crisis and the successive lockdowns will only make the situation worse. A resurgence of liquidations is expected from the first quarter of 2021. So, to prepare for this upsurge in entrepreneurs in difficulty, Second Souffle has organised training for volunteers on a monthly basis until the end of June 2021,” he said.

The General Secretary of Second Souffle also shared how people can contact the association for business help.

"To contact the Second Souffle association, you can do so by going to and for the Portail du rebond,” he said.




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