France: Smart Lenders Tops $1 Billion in Online Loan Investments

Smart Lenders AM, an asset management firm that invests in loans originated on online lending platforms, reports that in June it topped $1 billion in purchases through online lending platforms. The loans include $900 million of consumer loans and $100 million of SMB loans.

Launched in 2014, Smart Lenders has developed an investment model on marketplace lending platforms in the United States and Europe. The firm’s primary activity is to select loans and construct portfolios with a quantitative and algorithmic approach focussing specifically on consumer and SMB loans in the US and Europe.

Smart Lenders states that its unique expertise is in the areas of credit scoring, risk management, and operations on a granular asset class (113,000 consumer loans and 800 SMB loans purchased since inception).

In January 2018, the company relocated from London to Paris where it is regulated by the AMF and is accredited with the AIFM full-scope status.


Source: France: Smart Lenders Tops $1 Billion in Online Loan Investments (


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