France set to reopen borders with other EU Countries from June 15 should coronavirus figures continue to fall

FRANCE may soon welcome EU Nationals as the country looks set to open its borders on June 15, as long as the health crisis continues to improve.

French Prime Minister Éduoard Philippe discussed opening the borders for non-essential purposes to all EU and Schengen citizens during a press conference about Phase 2 of deconfinement in the country.

“Some European countries chose to reopen their borders before others, and I respect that decision… We take our decisions at our own pace, and we believe that the right time to access our territory is June 15,” said Philippe.


The PM also stated that quarantine will not be enforced for travellers from the EU; however, measures may be imposed on those coming from countries that require French residents to go through quarantine, in an act of apparent reciprocation.

“France will be for the reopening of EU inner borders, starting from June 15, if the health situation allows it, of course, without two-week self-isolation for travellers coming from a European country. We will apply reciprocity measures towards EU countries who would decide to close their borders or impose two-week quarantines to French people,” the PM said.




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