France Rejects Third National Lockdown

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced at a press conference on Thursday, February 4 that plans for a third lockdown had been shelved as the “economic, social and human” implications can’t currently be justified. He added that with France’s vaccination rollout plan in full swing, and current restrictive measures starting to take effect, more drastic actions aren’t required at the moment.

‘The potential advantages of a third nationwide lockdown in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus had to be weighed against its cost in economic, social, human and sometimes even health terms,’ Castex said.

However, the Prime Minister warned that more drastic measures would be implemented if the situation deteriorates, and reiterated that now is ‘not the time’ to relax current restrictions, such as those requiring restaurants and shopping centres to remain closed.

‘The situation today does not justify such a move,’ he added.

If, however, the health situation deteriorates, the government would ‘not hesitate to do what is necessary’, he said.




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