France pushes for big changes to proposed EU tech regulation

France is pushing for the EU’s upcoming regulations on Big Tech to be changed so that member states could wield more power to punish bad behaviour and police more types of content. Cedric O, the French minister for the digital economy, has met with senior EU officials and members of the European parliament in recent weeks to push France’s case. On Wednesday he met Thierry Breton, the European commissioner in charge of the upcoming legislation. “We are getting pretty active in terms of talking to various people about the upcoming tech regulation,” he told the Financial Times. “Getting these laws passed is a major objective of ours for when France next holds the rotating presidency of the EU Council next year.”  He added: “They touch on vitally important subjects both for our economies and democracies.” France’s move risks increasing tension in Brussels, where EU regulators fear being upstaged by large member states, such as France and Germany, which are busy enacting their own laws to tackle Big Tech.



Source: France pushes for big changes to proposed EU tech regulation | Financial Times (



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