France key trading partner to Arab region - BCCI Chairman

Paris, June 12 (BNA): Sameer Abdulla Nass, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)'s Chairman and General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture  (Union of Arab Chambers) President, participated in the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce (CCFA) meeting held in the Paris.


BCCI chairman highlighted the great interest of the Union of Arab Chambers in developing the economical and investment partnership between the Arab world and Europe to widen and strengthen cooperation between Arab economies and the European Union (EU), pointing out that the Arab market has the proper human competencies and the natural resources, which contributed to the progress currently witnessed by Arab countries.


He indicated that such meetings contribute to broadening cooperation in all fields and strengthening economic relations in the Arab and French business societies, praising the advanced level reached by the Arab-French cooperation.


Nass called for more collaboration between the Arab and French business communities, by developing the mechanisms of cooperation in the commercial, industrial, financial, tourism and technological sectors to reach the best levels and keep abreast with emerging global changes at various levels.


Vincent Reina, Arab-French Chamber of Commerce President noted the importance of increasing the joint cooperation mechanisms between Bahrain and France in all fields, especially in tourism to contribute to developing partnership between the two countries' business communities.


He also praised the role played by Union of Arab Chambers in highlighting the Arab market in the global map by making it one of the most important regional business hubs.


He indicated that the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce is keen to activate and strengthen cooperation with the Arab chambers to reach the decisions that would contribute to advancing the goals of sustainable economic development, which today have become the focus of the work of the world to achieve the well-being of their peoples, expressing his aspiration to reach consensus that would enhance the Arab market's cooperation with various international markets to increase the volume of trade exchange.


The Director of Development and External Relations at the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Dominique Bruna, confirmed that the French relations with Arab countries' chambers have always been important, given the fact that Arab countries play a major economic  role in the Middle East region, especially since the Arab region is Europe's gateway to trade and economic openness with the rest of the Asian and African countries.


He hailed Bahrain's vital role in the logistics services sector, because of several factors, most notably the strategic geographical location of the Kingdom, which makes it the artery of trade between several countries, and the presence of advanced economic factors such as the industry and export of aluminum, in addition to other economic sectors, noting that taking advantage of Bahraini services and facilities would contribute to enhancing competitiveness.




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