France Announces Changes on Application Process for ‘Talent Passport – New Business’

The French authorities have announced that prior to applying for a visa or a residence permit marked under the “Talent Passport – New business” (Passeport talent – Créateur d’entreprise), non-European citizens will soon be required to make a request.

The request should be submitted to the Ministry of Economy in order to get an opinion on the nature of the business and its project creation, reports.

“Prior to applying for a visa and/or a residence permit marked ‘’Talent Passport – New business’’ ( Passeport talent – Créateur d’entreprise ), non-European citizens will soon have to submit a request to the Ministry of the Economy for an opinion on the real and serious nature of their business creation project,” the French authorities noted.

According to France’s official website, Choose France, as soon as the measure enters into force, the requests of those who wish to apply for a talent passport will have to be made through the platform that has been solely created for this purpose.

The “Talent Passport for Company founders” is a specific residence permit for foreign company founders from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland who wish to set up a company in France.

However, in order for the company founders to be eligible to get this type of residence permit, they must prove that they have a real and serious plan to create an economically viable business in France.

In addition, they should prove that they have an investment of at least €30,000 in the planned business and sufficient annual financial means that correspond to the national minimum wage, which has been €19,074 as of October 1, 2021.

Regarding the application time, the authorities have suggested that applicants who live abroad should initiate the procedure no earlier than three months before the date of their arrival in France. Similarly, those who already live in France should initiate the procedure three months before their previous residence permit expires.

As for the residence permit cost, applicants are required to pay a tax of €200 to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office when their residence permit is issued. In addition to the tax, a stamp duty of €25 is charged on the permit along with the €99 long-stay visa authorisation.

Previously, the French authorities announced that the country would now offer modernised assistance to foreigners who need residence permit-related services. As a result, student residence permits and talent passports users can request a duplicate residence permit, a visitor residence permit, or report changes on their address online.



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