Forum focus on low-carbon future

 Sustainability Forum Middle East will launch its first edition in Bahrain this November to focus on ‘Business Transition to Net-Zero – the Path Towards a Successful Low-Carbon Future’.

The event aims to promote and accelerate action to meet net-zero commitments across the GCC and broader Mena region by providing a platform for dialogue and to share experience on the net-zero journeys of economies and businesses underway around the world.

It will bring together a diverse group of senior leaders from the public and private sector across alongside international experts to discuss what the net-zero transition is and what this means for businesses, including those in the GCC and Mena region, which must act swiftly to decarbonise their operations and assets, a task requiring new approaches, practical and systemic changes, new technologies and capital.

The forum will also address the important work already being done by regional and global businesses and the considerable work that lies ahead to ensure that climate action is brought to the forefront and heart of a business’s operations – both that of large corporates but also that of SMEs, many of which have yet to take a serious look at how to reduce emissions and plan for a net-zero future.

Covering all sectors, the forum will be holistic in nature, providing a platform to showcase global and regional success stories, discuss challenges and opportunities and provide practical hands-on learning for attendees to understand how best to develop strategies, innovate and move their organisations towards a more sustainable low-carbon economy and future.

There will be an emphasis on the role of government, the private sector and in particular financial institutions in driving and funding the change, which requires significant investment and financing for the business transition of their clients and for new businesses, technologies and projects that can help accelerate decarbonisation.

Sessions will focus on the role of each of these actors in the transition as well as industry-focused panels looking in more depth at what specific sectors and sustainability leaders within them are doing and the road ahead.

Innovation will also be a key focus of the forum highlighting that more than just being a challenge or burden, but how the transition to a new, cleaner and more sustainable future is actually a significant opportunity and driver for businesses to create new business models and practices that are resilient and potentially even more profitable.

Speakers and panels will address the benefits that are already and can arise as a result of an effective transition not only for the planet but for businesses and society alike in a low carbon, resource-efficient future economy.

The event will come just after this year’s annual United Nations climate change meeting, the Conference of the Parties (COP27), taking place in Egypt from November 7 to 18.

This will be followed by COP28 in the UAE in November 2023, marking the first time this important international climate gathering will take place for two consecutive years in the Mena region.




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