Food shortage ruled out during Ramadan

THERE will no shortage of food for Ramadan while efforts are underway to ensure traders don’t resort to overpricing, it has been pledged.

Officials have conducted several field visits and inspections to evaluate the market conditions and stocks of food and other necessities, said Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry food wealth committee chairman Khalid Al Amin.

“An agreement will also be signed by traders remotely to ensure prices are not inflated during Ramadan, especially in the current situation,” he said.

“Remote meetings were also held to evaluate the market’s readiness for Ramadan and ensure both traders and consumers benefit during the period.

“More than 98 food traders signed similar agreements in previous years and we expect more to sign this year due to the success of previous agreements.”

Mr Amin also revealed that there is enough food stock in the market for the next six months with stable prices with some traders already running promotions with competitive prices for food items that will continue until the end of Ramadan.

He also highlighted that daily demand for fresh produce in Ramadan sometimes exceeds 3,500 tonnes which are pumped into the central markets and certain retail outlets.

He added that there will be enough stocks of meat and poultry to meet market demand and more than 685 bakeries and traditional bakers will receive sufficient ingredients.




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