Five-year strategy for Bahrain's 'economic growth'

The strategy for the next five years of Labour Fund 'Tamkeen' will focus on productivity and sectors with the most sustainable impact on the economy. Tamkeen Chief Executive Hussain Mohammed Rajab stressed that it is aimed at enhancing the labour fund's pioneering role in creating a promising economy for the Kingdom of Bahrain that would benefit the citizen and the economy. Part of its objectives is also to organizational productivity and support opportunities within the framework of actual market needs. Rajab was speaking during a virtual press conference held with editors-in-chief of local newspapers to discuss Tamkeen's five-year strategy for its Business Development Program. 

He briefed them on the most prominent features of the upcoming work phase, pointing out that Tamkeen's work is based on complete transparency. 

Rajab noted that the customers benefiting from Tamkeen's services are key partners that contribute towards the country's economic development and called on enterprises in the private sector to make use of Tamkeen's services to improve their business and upskill their employees. 

He highlighted Tamkeen's plan over the next years, where it will continue being the engine for economic growth, while the focus will shift towards enterprises that aim to boost their productivity and cause a higher impact on the economy. 




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