Fakhro sets record as Shura first vice-chairman

VETERAN Shura Council member Jamal Fakhro was elected unopposed as first vice-chairman for a record 14th consecutive year.

Mr Fakhro’s election last night means he has now held the post since Ali Saleh Al Saleh was appointed chairman by His Majesty King Hamad during the 2006-2007 legislative term.

Jameela Nusaif was elected unopposed as the chamber’s second vice-chairwoman for the sixth time.

The elections were held during the Shura Council’s first meeting following the opening of the National Assembly’s third session of the fifth legislative term by the King yesterday afternoon.

Mr Al Saleh urged members to continue to serve the nation and people through innovative legislation.

“His Majesty King Hamad’s speech is our lighthouse guiding us to develop reforms and achieve more,” he said.

“The world was shocked by Covid-19 but Bahrain introduced new practices through precise strategies that meant the country was least devastated.

“Today’s challenges requiring special attention include Covid-19, global warming and rising sea levels, and that is why new out-of-the-box legislation are necessary.

“Existing legislations need to be redrawn for the greater good as the country progresses and develops.”

Following the session, the elected members joined Mr Al Saleh at a general-secretariat meeting to divide the remaining members among the committees.

Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Minister Ghanim Al Buainain also spoke at the start of the session and Parliament session that followed, stressing the need for co-operation between both chambers of the National Assembly and the government.

“The country is moving towards the future with steady steps, despite challenges,” he said.

“This is because we have been working with legislators and coming up with joint decisions on obstacles as we managed together to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

“Development requires effort and we are working to achieve public good in the best way possible.”

l Sabah Al Dossary was yesterday sworn in as a member of the Shura Council following a decree issued by His Majesty.

He replaces Khamis Al Rumaihi, who had requested Shura chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh to relieve him of his duties. Mr Al Dossary had served as an Under-Secretary at the Labour and Social Development Ministry.

Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/874414/Fakhro-sets-record-as-Shura-first-vice-chairman


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