Face Masks Now Compulsory Outdoors In These French Towns

France came out of its very strict lockdown on May 11 but there have been localised increases in infection rates and a worrying 1,130 cases reported last Friday (compared to 81 new daily cases one month ago). The Minister of Health has stated that the progress made since lockdown has been eradicated and whilst masks are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces, several towns are making them obligatory on the streets too.

Cases are gently increasing across Europe

The Telegraph reported that France’s “R” rate has risen to 1.3 meaning that for every 10 people with Covid-19, 13 more will become infected. It is still significantly lower than other countries currently battling the pandemic but there are alarms bells ringing about the increase in infection rates across European countries who have recently come out of lockdown.

Cases are increasing in Spain, particularly in Catalonia, which borders France and also in Germany. On Saturday, the U.K. government placed Spain on its quarantine list meaning that people who arrive back into the country will have to stay isolated for 14 days upon their return. On Sunday, the French prime minister, Jean Castex, stressed that another lockdown in France couldn’t be ruled out - the government is once again encouraging people to work from home.

Masks are compulsory indoors and now sometimes outdoors

The government has made face masks compulsory in all indoor spaces–risking a fine of €135 ($160) if caught without–but many are calling for urgent action to make masks obligatory in outdoor areas too.

In some towns, local mayors have demanded that masks be worn in outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones, notably in more touristy destinations or where there has been a small surge in infection rates, as reported by The Local.

A man wearing a mask walks past Castel beach along the Promenade des Anglais on the French Riviera city of Nice, southern France

Nice–in the south of France, masks are compulsory in outdoor markets, certain busy streets and outdoor events.

Argelès-sur-mer–masks are required on central beaches and outdoor markets.

La Rochelle–everyone in La Rochelle above the age of 11 must be masked in the Old Port, outdoor markets and in the town centre.

Many other villages and towns along the Brittany coast have also been given orders to ensure people wear masks in markets–a complete map can be found on FranceInfo.

When it is obligatory to wear masks, look for signs saying “port du masque obligatoire” as cities, towns and villages across France are likely to constantly update rules and regulations.

Source; https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexledsom/2020/07/27/face-masks-now-compulsory-outdoors-in-these-french-towns/#435282984194


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