Export Bahrain, talabat signs agreement

Export Bahrain and talabat have signed a region-wide agreement to facilitate the export of Made-in-Bahrain products throughout the MENA region with the aim of improving trade and business for SME exporters based in Bahrain through Talabat’s online platforms.


The agreement, which was signed at talabat’s ‘talabat kitchen,’ a two-story Cloud Kitchen showcasing the future of food at Expo 2020, by Export Bahrain Acting Chief Executive Safa Sharif Abdulkhaliq and talabat Bahrain’s Managing Director Hesham Al Saati heralds the start of the organizations’ collaborations to support SMEs based in Bahrain business expansion and international growth.


The agreement stipulates enhancing cooperation between both sides to list companies based in Bahrain on talabat Mart (tMart); talabat’s Quick Commerce (q-commerce) concept to deliver products to customers within 20 minutes 24 hours a day. The agreement includes Bahrain and GCC branches of tMart to provide businesses with international exposure and better trade opportunities in the region, additionally, to encourage restaurants in the Kingdom to franchise and branch out into regional markets through the support of talabat GCC Cloud Kitchens.


 “Since its inception, Export Bahrain has been constantly striving to foster deals with key regional and international role players in the industry, in pursuit of its objective to empower exporters in Bahrain, with a special focus on SMEs, and to enable them access to growth opportunities. 


Signing this agreement with talabat serves this goal, as it offers a platform that grants regional exposure to Bahrain-based SME exporters and permits them to offer and deliver their products to customers across the MENA region. 


This agreement will result in enhanced collaboration that would reflect positively on advancing national exports and increase the contribution of this vital sector to the Kingdom of Bahrain” Export Bahrain Acting Chief Executive Safa Sharif Abdulkhaliq commented.  


 “We are very excited to be signing this partnership today. For the last 9 years, we have been committed to developing a sustainable ecosystem for our vendors in Bahrain, and now we are very privileged to be able to expand that ecosystem across international borders for the first time," Managing Director of talabat Bahrain Hesham Al Saati said.


In Bahrain, we all know how good our Made-in-Bahrain products are - and to be able to help drive more sales for our local Bahraini small and medium businesses, and to be able to see them in homes all around the region will be a very proud moment for us,” he added.


Export Bahrain has facilitated over USD 110 million in SME export value in the past three years, providing SMEs in Bahrain with the necessary support to export more than 51 different product and service categories across 10 sectors, and facilitating its reach to more than 56 markets across the GCC, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, UK, and the US.


Talabat is one of the leading food and grocery delivery service providers in the MENA region. The company delivers hundreds of millions of food orders, grocery items and other products per year, to customers in 9 countries throughout the region. Talabat delivers for 27,000 brands and almost 50,000 branches, while its q-commerce concept, tMart, delivers groceries to customers in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman Qatar, and the UAE in 20 minutes or less.


Source: https://www.bna.bh/en/ExportBahraintalabatsignsagreement.aspx?cms=q8FmFJgiscL2fwIzON1%2bDunRHULxb3gjJlkWVnmX29M%3d


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