Export Bahrain signs partnership with LuLu

MANAMA: Export Bahrain, an initiative of the SME Development Board, has announced a partnership with LuLu Hypermarkets to create a platform for Bahrain-made products on the shelves of the retail chain’s local and international branches.

The partnership is in line with Export Bahrain’s vision to provide new solutions to encourage the export and recognition of national product brands -in markets across the region and globe.

Export Bahrain’s partnership with LuLu Hypermarket includes three key elements; scaling existing Bahraini businesses to LuLu’s international branches; Positioning ‘made in Bahrain’ products on LuLu’s local shelves to raise their visibility and enable their expansion into international branches by nurturing their relationship with international retailers and the two partners working to introduce more Bahrain-made products to LuLu’s private label brand of products.

Export Bahrain will work closely with LuLu to identify products that meet consumer and market requirements across all segments, with a special focus on health products, organic food and superfoods, home supplies, utensils and products that usually have a low visibility.

Commenting on the partnership, Export Bahrain chief executive Dr Nasser Qaedi said, “We are confident that this strategic alliance with one of the biggest retailers in the Middle East which serves over 1 million shopping patrons will create vast opportunities for Bahrain’s local businesses. We want to encourage businesses to position themselves with global consumers in mind via these initiatives, especially for businesses planning to expand access to their products or services into the region and beyond.”

LuLu director Juzer Rupawala said, “Taking Bahraini goods to the world will be a proud duty and privilege for LuLu. The move to promote Bahrain-made products throughout the chain globally comes within LuLu International Group managing director M A Yusuffali’s business philosophy that the development of a nation lies in the building of its industrial resources.”

Safa Akhaliq, director of Export Bahrain, said, “This solution will be yet another addition to our portfolio of services and partnerships designed to leverage existing strengths of key market players that can help companies expand their footprint. We look forward to creating a win-win scenario for our customers and partners where hypermarkets get competitively priced products on their shelves to expand their offerings while SMEs also benefit from exposure and a larger consumer base potentially leading to more sales.”

The new platform is open to all Bahrain-based businesses with a commercial registration, subject to requirements and business readiness.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/872140/Export-Bahrain-signs-partnership-with-LuLu


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