Export Bahrain signs deals worth over $14 million

Export Bahrain has facilitated deals worth over $14 million that were signed during Expo 2020 Dubai in 2021, including agreements with Arihant and Wesal Jewellers, which are subsidiaries of the Arihant Group, and regional and international buyers in the gold sector.


The agreements were finalized through the support of Export Bahrain in exporting jewelry and precious metals to new clients in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.


The new deals were signed last December at Expo 2020 Dubai in the presence of leading jewelry merchants in the region. The deals facilitated come to reflect Export Bahrain’s solid commitment to enable businesses in Bahrain to close deals with new clients abroad by benefiting from its diverse range of solutions and wide global network.


A workshop was organized during the Expo bringing together local, regional, and international stakeholders and counterparts in the precious metals and gold sector, enabling them to shed more light on the gold sector as a whole, discuss business opportunities, and exchange expertise.


The precious metals and jewellery sector in Bahrain enjoys a wide regional and global reputation, as it is renowned for centuries for its high quality and distinctiveness. Based on this, Export Bahrain strives to boost the exports of this vital and prominent sector by supporting businesses with their exporting needs through the ever-growing and diverse portfolio of solutions and services Export Bahrain has to offer, which will in turn increase its contribution to the Kingdom’s GDP.


“Export Bahrain focuses on nurturing and accelerating the growth of local businesses, as well as products and services made in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The initiative constantly strives to enable exporters to take on more challenging and high-growth export markets. In this framework, Export Bahrain has always been keen to capitalise on opportunities such as Expo 2020 Dubai, with the aim of paving the way for its clients, especially SMEs in Bahrain, to reach broader horizons of growth. During the past three months, and since the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, Export Bahrain has supported Arihant and Wesal Jewellers to close export deals with several new clients in the region and globally,” Business Development Manager at Export Bahrain Fatima Mahdi said.


The high-budget deals will ensure better reach of their products in new markets and provide a gateway to enter potential markets outside the region. We aspire to benefit from this key global event to secure more deals for Bahrain-based establishments and contribute to the development of Bahrain’s exports,” she added.


“Through its innovative solutions and services, Export Bahrain has provided us with the necessary support to achieve more growth in regional and international markets. As a Bahrain-based company, we are happy to receive Export Bahrain’s backing to close export deals worth over USD 14 million last year at the Expo with new clients in the region and there is more to come this year. We look forward to further benefit from the wide range of solutions and services provided by Export Bahrain in the future, as we aspire to expand to additional markets around the world and further increase our production line to meet the needs of new potential regional and global markets,” Head of Public Relations and Communications at Arihant Group Maryam Ghazi Ahmed Hasan said.


Headquartered in Bahrain since 1991, Arihant Group offers precious metals and ornaments.  As a result of its successful launch and steadily growing demands, the Group expanded its key businesses with the introduction of two other subsidiaries in Bahrain, while also stretching its presence continentally by reaching UAE, Singapore and India.


Export Bahrain has strategically helped SMEs based in Bahrain to export more than 56 different product and service categories across various economic sectors. Since its inception in November 2018, Export Bahrain has supported products and services that are made in Bahrain reaching more than 57 markets across the GCC, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


Source: https://www.bna.bh/en/ExportBahrainsignsdealsworthover14million.aspx?cms=q8FmFJgiscL2fwIzON1%2bDg%2fYNpBuwRvXzm%2fnp2zniOw%3d


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