Expenses drop BD317,000

The full cost of running Parliament – and the full extent of the annual savings made – will be calculated at the year end. However, figures from 2019 show Parliament spent BD9.3m, a drop of BD317,000 from 2018.

Twenty-five per cent of the spending covered MPs’ wages of around 2.3m.

It made a saving of BD1.6m compared with BD1.3m in 2018 bringing the total amount saved over the years to BD5.5m.

Wages paid to Bahraini employees were BD4m, expats received BD335,000, local training cost BD23,000 and training abroad hit BD4,000.

Foreign travel and participation in local events reached BD465,000 an increase of nine per cent from 2018, phones and Internet BD76,000, rent BD90,000, insurance, transportation and cleaning BD101,000, subscriptions, print and advertisements BD168,000 and BD109,000 was spent on consumer products.

The remaining funds covered maintenance, fuel, computers and furniture.

Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/861553/Expenses-drop-BD317,000


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