Eid on Sunday says leading Bahrain astronomer

BAHRAIN’S leading astronomer has predicted Eid Al Fitr will likely fall on Sunday.

Declaring the first day of Eid Al Fitr in all Muslim countries is based on several criteria, including the birth of the moon.

This signals the start of a new month, the month of Shawal, in the Islamic lunar calendar.

The crescent moon has to be seen with the naked eye for Eid Al Fitr to be declared.

Bahrain Astronomical Society chairman Dr Waheeb Al Nasser told the GDN that the birth of the crescent moon will take place after sunset on Friday.

He explained that the crescent moon will remain in the horizon for 42 minutes on Saturday evening, meaning it will be easily visible with the naked eye.

“The start of Shawal, which is Eid Al Fitr, will God willing be on Sunday and it is expected that it will be Eid in all Muslim countries on that day,” he said.

“This is due to the birth of the crescent on Friday at 8.39pm after the sun sets, which means that there will be no inception on that day as the birth of the crescent occurred after the sunset.

“On Saturday the crescent will set at 7.03pm with the sun setting at 6.21pm and this means that the crescent will remain in the horizon for 42 minutes.

“This means that seeing the crescent with the naked eye will be extremely easy and the crescent will be around 394,026km away from us.

“According to the Unified Islamic Calendar, which simulates the astronomical eye, the first day of Eid Al Fitr will be Sunday.”

According to Dr Al Nasser, from an astronomical perspective, Eid prayers will take place at 5.16am on Sunday.

People in Bahrain fasted for 14 hours and 22 minutes on the first day of Ramadan, starting from 3.44am to 6.08pm, which is 17 minutes less than last year.

On the last day of Ramadan this will increase to 15 hours and two minutes, from 3.20am to 6.22pm, which is nine minutes less than last year.

Bahrain’s moon-sighting panel is expected to meet on Friday as soon as the sun sets to gather news and testimonies regarding the start of the month of Shawal and the advent of Eid.

The GDN previously reported that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia had called on worshippers to perform Ramadan Taraweeh and Eid prayers at home if measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic continue in Muslim countries.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/823339/Eid-on-Sunday-says-leading-Bahrain-astronomer



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