EDB highlights importance of ICT and Digital Economy strategy in attracting direct investments

Bahrain EDB confirms the importance of the ICT and Digital Economy strategy in attracting direct investments

Economic Development Board (EDB) chief executive Khalid Humaidan noted the importance of the kingdom’s four-year ICT and Digital Economy strategy as an enabler to attract further direct investments which will contribute to the growth of this key sector.

In a statement today, he affirmed that the EDB will continue to promote the ICT sector to attract operators who could benefit from Bahrain’s competitive advantages which includes best-value operating costs, skilled local workforce and government support which will enable investors to enhance their operations and expand into other markets by operating from the kingdom.

The GDN today reported Transportation and Telecommunications Minister Kamal Ahmed as saying that Bahrain had launched the new four-year strategy to push ahead with digitalising the economy, including the telecommunications and IT sectors.

Addressing a Press conference, he said the 2022-2026 plan was in line with the goals of the Economic Recovery Plan announced in November last year to stimulate post-pandemic growth.

The plan will see more than $30 billion invested in the national infrastructure and strategic priority sectors.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/1019567/EDB-highlights-importance-of-ICT-and-Digital-Economy-strategy-in-attracting-direct-investments


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