E-commerce sales in Saudi Arabia soar to $70.66mln per day

The total e-commerce sales through Mada cards amounted to SR8.23 billion during the month of January 2022. This shows that the average e-commerce sales in a day reached SR265.45 million, according to an observation of Okaz/Saudi Gazette, based on government reports.

These sales were the highest in the history of e-commerce, and the sales jumped by 87.93 percent in the whole year, after the value of e-commerce operations was about SR4.38 billion during the same period in 2021.

The number of e-commerce operations accounted for about 40.86 million, with an average amount of SR201 per transaction. The value of e-commerce sales rose continuously starting from February 2021, with witnessing steady rise for the 12 consecutive months.

The percentage of sales in January this year was about 80.27 percent of the total e-commerce sales recorded in the whole year 2019, which amounted to about SR10.25 billion at that time.

Here, the e-commerce sales meant the total operations that were carried out through Mada cards only, which are used for payment and purchase through shopping sites and electronic applications, and it does not include those operations that were carried out through credit cards.


According to the check, sales through the points of sale amounted to about SR43.56 billion, distributed over 535.68 million transactions in one month, and the average value of one transaction was about SR81.32.


Source: https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/business/story/Ecommerce_sales_in_Saudi_Arabia_soar_to_7066mln_per_day-SNG_71897932/


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