Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority develops Covid-19 disinfection tunnel

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) has developed an in-house disinfection tunnel to ensure the safety of its employees, customers, residents and the community at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO).

The initiative is in line with the UAE’s National Disinfection Programme and other preventive measures applied by Dubai officials across the emirate to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The tunnel sprays a mist that disinfects the clothing of all those who pass through it.

The disinfectants used are safe, environmentally-friendly and fully compliant with Dubai Municipality’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfection said officials at DSOA.

The tunnel is used by the DSOA’s facilities management operations teams and essential personnel daily when they begin their shift, end it or when visiting clients or tenants to perform maintenance work, reported official news agency WAM.

“The tunnel serves the DSOA employees from vital sectors, as well as staff from other companies,” said Muammar Al Katheeri, executive vice president of engineering and smart city and chairman of the Crisis Management Team at DSOA.

DSO commenced on a disinfection drive for its community home to 77,000 people on March 12.

Over 32,000 man-hours have been spent on this drive that has utilised 28,000 litres of disinfectants and covered offices, shopping centres, mosques, prayer halls, public parks, jogging tracks, and common areas, as well as residential and commercial buildings.

Dubai-based integrated facilities management company Imdaad has similarly announced that it too had developed a disinfection tunnel, ViroSheild by Vision Safety, that could be deployed at malls, hospitals, construction sites, labour accommodations and even residential areas.




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