Dubai records $17.9m trade of gloves and masks in Q1

Dubai Customs has announced that its external trade of masks and gloves hit Dh65.7 million ($17.89 million) during the first quarter of 2020.


The trade of masks reached Dh60.5 million ($16.47 million) in Q1 2020, compared to the 2019 yearly total of Dh63.5 million, said a Wam news agency report.


To meet the rising demand of masks and medical gloves, Dubai Customs took further steps and procedures to facilitate the trade of these items against the outbreak of Covid-19, the authority was quoted as saying.


Imports of masks in the last three months accounted for around Dh40 million, exports reached Dh3.4 million and re-exports hit Dh17 million.


Dubai external trade in gloves during Q1 2020 yielded Dh5.2 million with imports making the biggest share at Dh4.67 million. 


To ensure best services and facilities are delivered to businesses working in the health sector in general and in masks and gloves in particular, all sea, land and air customs centres at Dubai Customs work diligently with quick inspection and clearance procedures to help meet the growing demand in the local market. This is very important at this time to curb the spread of the coronavirus and mitigate its implications, the report said.


"Dubai Customs works at a faster pace in support of the national efforts against the outbreak of the coronavirus relying on their distinguished customs experience and qualified inspectors and employees," said Nasim Al Muhairi, Senior Manager of Statistics Department at Dubai Customs.


He added: "Making sure medical supplies are available and everybody has access to them is essential. We have the human and technological potential to facilitate trade and secure the borders, aided by our dedicated employees who excel even in hard times."




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