Digital campaign to promote Bahrain tourism

A UNIQUE digital campaign promoting Bahrain as a tourist destination post Covid-19 will soon be launched.

The campaign, #WeWillMeet, will span over one year and will be launched in three phases within efforts to increase the number of tourists in Bahrain, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia.

Spearheaded by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), the campaign will be launched from its Instagram account. It will focus on promoting Bahrain’s unique attractions and experiences that leave visitors with unforgettable memories through posting live digital interactive sessions to introduce followers to Bahrain’s offerings.

It will first kick off with the ‘inspirational’ phase, connecting with followers digitally though interactive posts and live sessions, followed by the ‘encouragement’ phase that will focus on the promotion of activities.

The final phase, ‘transformation’, involves face-to-face interaction with visitors once events are safe to resume again.

“We wanted to launch a proactive campaign to increase the number of visitors coming to the kingdom from all around the world and specifically target those in Saudi Arabia, which shapes a significant part of the total tourism coming into Bahrain each year,” said BTEA chief executive Nader Almoayyed.

“Once the situation allows, we expect to attract more visitors as Bahrain has always been considered an ideal and convenient weekend getaway for Saudis due to its close proximity to a multitude of attractions and experiences we have to offer.

“We opted for an end-to-end digital campaign to not only target the masses that have shifted online as a result of the epidemic, but also to directly tap into a new segment and appeal to the millennials and Generation Z’s that are online.”

The campaign also aims to engage with stakeholders across multiple sectors during these difficult times, and aims to re-energise the local tourism sector along with tourism-related industries and increasing its contribution to the national economy.




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