Database at LMRA largest in the region

BAHRAIN’S labour watchdog now has the largest database in the Gulf with records of more than 1.4 million expatriates and 13.5m fingerprints.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) switched to Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre with 60 Bahrainis working on the transition project for over a year.

“We successfully switched to cloud computing and now have what is considered the largest database of expatriate workers in Gulf countries,” LMRA chief executive Ausamah Al Absi told the GDN yesterday.

“The stored data includes details of more than 1.4m foreign workers and 13.5m fingerprints.”

Mr Al Absi said the project is part of Bahrain’s Cloud First policy that aims to cover different government entities and help in reduction of operation costs.

“We have more storage capacities in our system as we conduct about 48m transaction with different entities annually,” he said.

“The database of foreign workers include their fingerprints, marital status, education, country of origin and details of passport, employer, salary along with other points.”

Furthermore, statistics for last year released yesterday showed the total number of visitors using the LMRA expat management system was more than 8.7m, while the total number of transactions related to expats online was more than 48m.

Online transactions include applying or renewal of work permit, payment of monthly labour fees, requests to switch to another employer and other LMRA services.

Mr Al Absi said it was imperative to have a database with accurate figures about the labour market that would help policy makers.

“Earlier, we used to struggle with our technical capacities and our systems were flooded with requests that slowed down the process.


“But now, we have the capacity to roll out new services and provide seamless service to our clients at all times.”

He explained biometrics collected at Bahrain International Airport or LMRA offices were stored safely in the database.

Information and eGovernment Authority chief executive Mohammed Al Qaed said yesterday that more than 60 government entities have now switched to the Amazon cloud storage service.

Mr Al Qaed said they launched the project in November with the LMRA to work on the data transfer process to the AWS servers.




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