Cybersecurity solutions for a post-Covid world

MANAMA: Corporations are constantly on the lookout for the best solutions to guard against possible security breaches, according to Hilal Computers cybersecurity director Shijas Mohidheen.

The benefits to implementing sound data security practices are key for the current and post Covid-19 era, he added.

“The urgent requirements for a company to evaluate its data security status is essential to bring about great consumer trust in committing their data to the cyberspace. It is vital that companies protect their information on a timely basis utilising security operations centre and security orchestration, automation and response and other cybersecurity protocols,” said Mr Mohidheen.

The cybersecurity laws are taking root in the GCC and bringing with them fines and penalties for companies and owners deemed to be in breach of protecting the data of customers and employees.

“The Internet is an ocean of data, solicited and unsolicited. Businesses often find themselves drowning in a sea of data making it impossible for them to keep track of what type of data and to what extent the data is being collected,” said the cybersecurity expert.

“This highlights the need to select a trusted service provider to audit the security measures and compliance regulations that a business has in place.”

Hilal Computers is constantly working on new projects and turnkey solutions that enable organisations to maintain stability and security.

This commitment is exemplified in the company’s investment to build a Networks Operations Centre (NOC) and a Security Operations Centre (SOC). The SOC and NOC both offer 24/7 monitoring and protection services.

According to company experts, cybersecurity is not only related to protecting business data; it also encompasses data management and organisation. When businesses start complying with data security practices, they can come across valuable insights and statistics that can help them evaluate the business’s performance and take measures that help the business succeed by leaps and bounds.

“Insights into cybersecurity practices of a business will yield financial benefits. The analytics can also be used to provide a snapshot on the promotion and marketing and businesses are then able to kill two birds with the same stone,” added Mr Mohidheen.





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