Cyber security vow

BAHRAIN is fully prepared to deal with risks of cyber attacks, it has been announced.

The National Centre for Cyber Security stressed its readiness to deal with any risks related to electronic attacks, noting its qualified staff and advanced equipment.

“The electronic firewalls counter many hacking attempts with the highest levels of professionalism, to reduce attacks and contain damage, if any, to systems and data alike,” it said.

“It is not true that accounts of government and private websites were exposed to hacking from an unknown party,” it added.

The centre also dismissed published information on this as being inaccurate.


According to a statement by the centre, investigations proved that these hacked accounts were personal accounts of individuals benefiting from the services offered by the sites.

“It is known that some companies issue reports with the aim of advertising and promoting their systems and products to push institutions to purchase their services,” said that statement.

The centre said that it is in constant contact with its counterpart in the GCC and Arab countries as well as other foreign parties to counter any attempts to blackmail or gain from such leaks.

The centre reiterated that information security and maintaining its privacy and confidentiality are among its top priorities.

It described cyber security as common responsibility, adding that the role of the application of global security standards is to reduce security risks which may target the public and private sectors in Bahrain.

“Some of these standards and practices, such as the application of password policies and the “double-authentication” system are among tools to protect and for the correct the use of websites and electronic data, which prevents hackers’ attempts to exploit leaked passwords or those sold on the dark web.”




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