Creek Fire: French company donates items for recovery effort

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Central California is now receiving international support with the Creek Fire recovery effort.

Many of our local government agencies have had to bring in extra supplies. That's why a French company donated four large cargo containers from the Port of Los Angeles right here to Fresno.

The four semi-trucks rolled into the Fresno Fairgrounds on Thursday.

"They heard what we needed, and they delivered," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

The big rigs carried 20- and 40-oot cargo containers that will provide a secure spot for county agencies to store emergency response supplies.

And one was filled with pallets full of items to help with Creek Fire clean up and recovery efforts, including boots, goggles, and pet food.

"Hopefully the donated items will supplement the gracious contributions that were given over the past few weeks by others in the community," said Chief Mark Pazin from the California Office of Emergency Services.

Pazin said Los Angeles Port Police Chief Tom Gazsi reached out to him after CMA-CGM offered to donate the containers and supplies.

"It's impressive to see, here's one of the largest shipping companies in the world based out Marseille, France, and ally to the United States, certainly a great partner in terms of commerce in the U.S. giving back and to see their containers to Central California to support so many that are going through a difficult time at this time in our history is really a rewarding and remarkable thing," Pazin said.

One of the containers will go to Madera County, while the other three will be used throughout Fresno County. One will stay at the fairgrounds, where about 1,600 animals received care during the peak of the Creek Fire.

Ag Commissioner Melissa Cregan said her team now has several large water tanks and other supplies that are still being used to help livestock in burned areas and will also be helpful for future emergencies.

"To get those it takes some time and to store them takes space so it will be really great to have these on-site and we can open at a moment's notice which is really what we get in a disaster," Cregan said.

The containers were donated to the Central Valley mutual aid region, so other counties including Tulare and Mariposa will also have access to them, if needed.



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