Covid precautions drive stepped up

A total of 58,357 mask violations in public places and shops were reported since Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Bahrain.

The authorities took 8,475 steps to ensure social distancing, and 6,686 awareness campaigns were held until March 11.

A total of 205,141 disinfection operations were carried out, and 1,172 individuals from the private sector and 1,051 from the public sector were trained about the correct disinfection methods.

Assistant chief of Public Security for operations and training affairs Brigadier Dr Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Khalifa cited the statistics, warning mainly against family gatherings which represent the main reasons for the rise in Covid-19 cases.

He urged compliance with precautionary measures, especially indoors, such as work, places of worship and shops. He said that community awareness is the key to fight the virus.

The National Ambulance Centre dealt with 6777 virus-related cases, and the vehicles of the Transportation Directorate of the Interior Ministry carried out 26,026 transport activities and transferred 79,594 cases.




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