COVID-19: Dubai eases restrictions from April 24

Dubai: Residents will be allowed to move without a permit from 6am to 10pm, authorities announced on Thursday.

After careful evaluation of the results of the successful preventive measures taken over a period of 3 weeks, the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management announced a partial easing of movement restrictions in the emirate from Friday, with its continuation from 10 pm until 6am.

Preventive measures must be taken at all times, everybody must wear a mask or will be fined Dhs 1000. Also keeping a safe distance of 2 metres between each other.

During this time - 10pm to 6am - strict restrictions will be in place and people will be allowed to leave homes for medical emergencies only.

Working from office is permitted for no more than 30 per cent of the total number of workers in the event of necessity for that and the continuation of work remotely for the remaining 70 per cent.

Exercise is allowed from one-two hours. This is allowed with a maximum of three people exercising together with all involved wearing masks.

While people are allowed to visit family, gatherings of more than 5 in one place are prohibited.

Malls will open from 12pm to 10pm but prayer rooms, cinema halls, changing rooms and entertainment avenues such as Dubai Fountain will remain closed. Children aged 3 to 12 and senior residents (above 60) are not allowed to visit malls.


Offices are allowed to be in operation only for 6 hours during Ramadan. 30 per cent of employees are allowed to be in office while employees older than 60 or pregnant women must work from home.

Metro, taxis

Dubai Metro will operate starting April 26 and will run from 7am to 11pm. Passenger numbers per cabin will be restricted while all passengers must wear masks. Only two passengers allowed per taxi.

Places that are allowed to resume work:

Malls and shopping centres

Retail shops

Open markets


Money exchange

Cafes and restaurants (no buffet or sheesha)

Food services


Social Services


Beauty salons for men and women

Medical facilities

Import offices

Manufacturers of medical equipments


Water and electricity



Ports, airports, and airlines

Security (army, police....)

Public transport






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