Covid-19 care packages given to students abroad

BAHRAIN has been distributing Covid-19 ‘care packages’ filled with essential goods and medical supplies to citizens studying abroad, amid the coronavirus crisis.

The parcels offer supplies at a time when many supermarkets and pharmacies around the world are experiencing stock shortages, said a statement from the Economic Development Board.

“The boxes – sent out directly by local embassies in the UK and the US – include long shelf-life essential items such as pasta, canned food, teabags and olive oil as well as masks, gloves, sanitisers and basic medicines such as paracetamol tablets,” it said.

“Each box is accompanied by a letter urging citizens to take additional precautionary measures during these temporary times.”

Bahrain’s embassy in Washington has contacted 136 universities in North America to assist students, in addition to publishing weekly reports offering information on the crisis. Consular officials have handled thousands of calls on a dedicated emergency hotline number and purchased 71 tickets home for Bahraini nationals facing difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, Bahrain has also facilitated the return of thousands of nationals from countries across the globe including the US, UK, UAE and Jordan.




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